Defending those

who have served.


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What Makes Us Different

We have an office in Kabul and in the United States with resources in both locations.

John and Misbah bring a unique combination of US and Afghan contract knowledge and experience.

Representation is more than arguing a legal position or writing strongly-worded letters.

Representation is trust. We stand in your shoes, speaking, writing, and fighting for your cause.

But to do that efficiently and effectively, we have to establish trust and rapport so that the words, letters, and arguments we make convey the pain, rejection, disrespect, anxiety, or betrayal you have endured as we work to right those wrongs.

And, we work together to identify the overall goal, implement the tactics, set milestones, and provide direction directly aligned to the objective.

Technical legal skills coupled with compassion, empathy, and regular communication create a more satisfactory attorney-client relationship and overall experience.

Abduhl Subhan Misbah and John Maher met while working together on a large US government contract in Afghanistan. They both have considerable government contracting and criminal law experience under each nation’s laws. They immediately saw a client need for prime and sub contractors in need of legal assistance to perform their task and delivery orders, communicate with government representatives, negotiate, and reach commercial resolution. They have a unique offering of Afghan and US government contract law, criminal law, and property experience.

Their locations in the United States and in Kabul offer their clientele convenient options for face-to-face dealings and increased communications.

Misbah is able to bring his considerable afghan legal expertise and experience with many lawyers, courts, and legal organizations in Afghanistan while John is able to do the same in the United States.