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Abdul Subhan Misbah
Afghan Attorney & US Legal Consultant

House #24, Butcher’s Street, Behind the Emergency Hospital, district #10, Share-e-naw Kabul City, Afghanistan.

Phone: +93 (0) 799 304 170
Cell: +1 (312) 597-6120
Fax: +1 (708) 781-9693
Skype: subhanmisbah


Misbah is based in the United States and in Afghanistan. A licensed Afghan attorney, Misbah provides cultural and business consulting services in Chicago and also has an office in Kabul registered as Misbah Maher Consultancy, from which he practices Afghan law. He specializes in Afghan commercial and property law, as well as Afghan government relations. He represents Afghan contractors and US companies in US government contracts specifically with issues in Afghanistan. Examples of Misbah’s representation include commercial and contract matters involving the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF); U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A), and the issues involved trucking, transportation, fuel, water, machinery, and hospital equipment, among others.

He is able to provide representation for clients in both Afghanistan through Misbah Maher Consultancy and the United States through his consulting relationship with Maher Legal Services PC.

Representative Experience

  • Afghan Attorney, Misbah Maher Consultancy LLC in Kabul; Afghan Cultural and Business Consultant, Maher Legal Services PC in Chicago.
  • Principle and Attorney, Misbah Sahil Legal Consultancy, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Deputy of the Lawyer’s Union, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Chief Legal Consultant, Pacific Architects & Engineers, U.S. Department of State, Bagram, Afghanistan
  • Dean of the Law Faculty and Teacher, Karwan, University, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Deputy Director, Legal Aid Organization of Afghanistan (NGO)
  • Senior Legal Trainer, Norwegian Refugee Counsel (NGO)
  • Research Assistant, National Center for Policy and Research, Kabul, University


  • Master of Law, Criminal Law, Azad University
  • Bachelor of Law & Political Science, Kabul University


  • Advocacy in the Afghan Legal System
  • Dispute Resolution in Afghanistan
  • Contract Law in the Afghan Judiciary (Inheritance law, family law, and property law)

Television Interviews

  • Regular legal commentator at roundtables on Tolo News, Ariana, Voice of America, 1 TV Media, and Kabul News

Radio Interviews

  • Legal commentator at roundtables on BBC, Voice of America, Azadi, Spoghmai


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