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John and Misbah each have significant experience with US and Afghan government contracts; John on the US side and Misbah on the Afghan side. They assist companies in recovering payment and provide communications with prime contractors and government agencies.

John N. Maher has two decades of US government contract experience. He learned this subject matter while working for the US Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., as the Chief of Contracts and Fiscal Law in Kabul, Afghanistan , while serving as the Deputy General Counsel at the Defense Intelligence Agency in Washington D.C., as the appointed Senior Executive Service General Counsel for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management during the last US Presidential Administration in Washington, D.C., as the Principle Program Manager for a U.S. government contractor in Bagram, Afghanistan, and representing private companies in bid protests and contract dispute resolution efforts before administrative boards (Government Accountability Office) and federal courts (U.S. Court of Federal Claims and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit).

Misbah has worked as an attorney and administrator on several U.S. government contract programs in Afghanistan. Notable experience includes service as the senior Afghan legal advisor on the largest U.S. State Department contract for the rule of law in Parwan and Bargram. He has also represented dozens of Afghan prime and sub-contractors seeking payment for their products and services from the U.S. government on transportation, fuel, water, medical devices and supplies, as well as regular “O&M” and “LSS.” In addition to U.S. government contracts, he has expertise in commercial contracts in Afghanistan.


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